Patty Warner — artist

I have always been an artist. As far back as I can remember, I was always drawing, painting or creating something new from found objects. Anything could become my art material. Died rice could be used as my color pallet glued to a piece of scrap wood. Clay became pottery, sticks became sculpture. I took a time out from art as I raised five children and ran a business with my husband. During those 26 years, I was still looking, examining objects closely, finding joy in small wonders that a casual observer may not notice. Then at age 45 I again took up my love for making art.

The meditative work of drawing and painting take on a significance of profound beauty for me. There is something so wonderful about observing ordinary things or people that are around us every day. We let them pass by us perhaps without ever really seeing them. When I draw or paint, I see them and touch them with my pencil or paint brush. I remember them as I record them on paper or canvas. I draw, paint and create my impressions of what I see of the beauty all around.

Since 2003, I have taken workshops and private classes with some very fine artists — Loretta Sailors, Debra Lass, Linda Baker, LeAnn Frame, Ryan Vanderley, Larry Blovits, and Robert Michmerhuizen.

I have a natural interest and capacity that I think will speak for itself. I call myself an art coach. I try to coax the art out of the individual by getting to know them and their particular interests. As I get to know each student and the branch of art they lean toward, I research via the Internet for ideas and methods that will interest and further their art enjoyment and skill.